Texas-Themed Custom Client Gifts for Dallas-Based Biotechnology Company

May 04, 2017

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Recently, a Dallas-based drug discovery and development company asked me to help them with gifting their attorney partners.


Meeting with the Project Manager, Rob, gave me the opportunity to listen to what they needed. I discovered that:

• Most biotechnology companies are located in either California or Boston, making a Dallas-based company really unique

• Their attorneys are located in California, which makes bonding a little more difficult

• They’ve been working on a biotechnology drug for quite some time together, and they’re in the home stretch of the project

• The attorneys are a huge asset to their team, often working late hours and on quick deadlines

• The gift’s purpose is to show gratitude and reinforce that they’re a part of the biotech company’s team

So y'all. If there’s anything you should know about Texans, it’s that we’re proud to be Texans :) I immediately thought to myself, “well, let’s give them a big Texas thank you,” and began creating concepts around that idea. We both loved the idea of creating the experience that they’re here in Texas with us, so sending them locally-made products made sense. A few of the ideas are shown below.

Rob really loved the Fuel Up box, which is what we ultimately created for the group. This box gave their partners a feel for Texas and our history, and treats them to some locally-made products.

The Fuel Up concept plays off Texas’ history in oil and the caffeine/sugar rush from coffee and sweets. Local products, such as the Flying Horse coffee, Dude Sweet Chocolate, and Texas Oil Drops were featured. The coffee is produced in one of Dallas’ most historical buildings: the former headquarters of Mobil Oil’s predecessor, Magnolia Petroleum. The building’s landmark was a statue of Pegasus, the mythical “Flying Red Horse.” Today, the building is occupied by the Magnolia Hotel and is home to the Flying Horse Cafe.

I really encourage my clients to spend some time writing a personal note to their clients. I believe the sentiment behind your gift is often the most important part of it. And writing a message communicates that you value the relationship enough to take the time to make it personal. Rob took the time to personally hand-write the notes himself, which I absolutely love.

TARGET: Attorney partners located in California

GOAL: Gratitude and reinforcing they’re part of the larger Texas team

GIFT: Texas-themed "Fuel Up" gift box

I'd love to hear what you guys think of these Texas-themed gifts. Leave a comment or contact us here. And to learn more about our custom client gifting process, click here!

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