Friday Favorites: Coffee Table Books

June 30, 2017

photo credit: @venzedits

I want to talk about why coffee table books are my go-to gift. There are so many occasions that are perfect for a beautiful book. I think they make great birthday gifts, host/hostesses gifts, holiday gifts, corporate gifts, and so many more.

Here's why...

Coffee table books feel intentional. Each time you gift a book, it gives the impression that you've shopped specifically for that person, and you've picked something just for them. Is there anything better than that? 

Coffee table books can be personal. If you're shopping with intention, you'll be choosing the book based on a few key things you know about the person. Maybe she is an avid traveler, and you know Paris is the next spot on her calendar. Why not get her The New Paris or Serge Ramelli's Paris? Maybe you don't know much, but you know he loves his dog or that she drinks a fancy coffee every morning. That's enough to pick Dogs or Where to Drink CoffeeEven the smallest nugget of knowledge about a person can lead you to a book that feels super personal.

Coffee table books are lasting. One of the best parts about gifting a book is that it's lasting. Between my coffee table, study, shelves and nightstands, I don't even think I can count the number of books I have. I've had many of them for well over 10 years, and I can tell you exactly who gave them to me. And even if I don't flip through them constantly, their in my daily life, and I think of them often (which is really great for a corporate or client gift!).

I love to gift coffee table books that speak to the recipients interests. I've included a small selection of my favorite books that include: travel, art, photography, pets, design, style/fashion, science, nature, foodies, and cars.

favorite coffee table books 

left to right by row: New York; Painting Beyond Pollock; Illusions; Where to Drink Coffee; Men and Style; The Beautiful Brain; Tom Ford; Speed, Style, and Beauty: Cars from the Ralph Lauren Collection; Dogs

A few words of wisdom:

1. Do not order a coffee table book from amazon and have it shipped directly to your recipient. It's just tacky and pretty much wipes out the feelings of it being intentional and personal.

2. It never hurts to include a hand-written note that ties back into the reason you got the gift. You might say something like "I know how much you love your americano every morning, now you'll never have to travel without knowing exactly where to get your next cup."

3. Details, details, details. Remove the price tag! Wrap the book beautifully and thoughtfully! Include a note! Make it personal! Even a gesture as simple as tying twine around the book before giving it as a hostess gift makes a huge difference. Presentation really is so important!

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