Friday Favorites: Gifts of Comfort

July 28, 2017

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:3

There are occasions or events that aren't always easy to talk about: moments of loss, sadness, or poor health. I often found myself at a loss for ways to express condolences or encouragement, particularly on short notice. I didn't necessarily have the time or resources to pull something together that felt meaningful or purposeful. Sometimes, so paralyzed by the lack of time or available choices (or by my inability to decide what to do), I'm embarrassed to say that I simply did nothing.

via ophelia ruth

I always knew this would be something I wanted to create for the online shop, but almost immediately after diving into Ophelia Ruth full time, clients started consistently reach out for the same type of gift. Some of these requests were for:

1. The loss of a loved one. Sometimes it's too early to send something sentimental to a friend who has lost a loved one. Giving someone a gift that simply offers them comfort is much more appropriate.

2. Facing a tough situation. Whether it's a personal, work, or health matter, we all go through trying and tough situations. Sending someone a thoughtful thinking-of-you gesture goes a long way.

3. Hospital stays. Extended hospital stays can be really lonely. I treat this as a time to renew someone's spirits with a hospital-appropriate gift (remember some hospital floors don't allow flowers or food). My favorite is our Italian herringbone throw - it's the perfect comforting gesture.

4. Encouragement. Maybe your friend of loved one is in a season of life that is just hard. An encouraging word, a warm gesture, or a comforting gift can make all the difference.

When I was creating this special line, I knew I wanted the gifts to be tasteful, graceful, useful...with just the right amount of luxuriousness. I focused on choosing items that would encourage rest, renewal, and quiet moments. Some of these items include soft blankets, soothing tea, cashmere socks, and sensory candles. And of course, you always have the option to include a personal message; hand-written by us and incorporated into your gift. 

Below, I've pulled together my favorite items and gifts for these tenderest of moments.  

favorite comforting gifts 

from left to right: ophelia ruth no. 02, dark chocolate, hand-written notes (always included with our gifts), body scrub, silver needle tea, candle (also sold separately as ophelia ruth no. 12), ophelia ruth no. 08 (monogram option), shortbreadophelia ruth no. 05 

I hope I've created a place you can turn the next time you want to offer someone a genuine gesture of sympathy, encouragement, and love.

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