Friday Favorites: Greeting Cards

July 14, 2017 1 Comment

For any celebratory occasion, be it Christmas, a birthday, or anniversary, I always ask my husband for one specific thing: a hand-written note. Nothing means more to me than him taking the time to write a meaningful note that will always represent a special place in time for us. There's just something about the permanence of ink and paper, am I right? I keep these cards and notes and go through them often, smiling at the flood of memories they bring back to me.

One of these cards he gave to me as we parted ways one New Year's Eve morning. I opened it when I arrived at work, and found special instructions for the rest of my day. I was to turn around, go home, and pack for a surprise trip to New York City. He proposed to me that day in Central Park - and it was one of the best days of my life (I've included some pictures below!).

So today, for Friday favorites, I want to talk about cards. As you know, I really value good design and a clean, modern aesthetic - which is about the complete opposite of most mainstream greeting cards. I love neutral, classic cards with a clear message on the front and a blank inside. This is why each Ophelia Ruth gift box comes with a beautiful, custom card and the option for a hand-written note. I have carefully chosen the paper, envelopes, and ink. And trust me, you're in good hands.

Some occasions are perfect for a simple card in lieu of a gift, so here are some of my favorite mainstream cards (and their makers). Enjoy!

favorite cards 

left to right by row: Happy Anniversary; New Home, New Chapter; I Love You; Let's Celebrate; Happy Birthday; Hello; Your Best Days Are Ahead; Best Date EverCape

favorite makers

1. Smitten on Paper: I just adore their simple and feminine aesthetic - not to mention their luxuriously thick paper.

2. Sugar Paper: Since their inception in 2003, this duo has been celebrating the simplicity and nostalgia of letterpress printing. 

3. Read Between the Lines: Bold meets simple, thoughtful meets cheeky. Proclaimed as modern, warm, and gender neutral: anyone and everyone loves RBTL (ps: flagship is in Dallas!). 

4. Snow and Graham: Honoring the tradition of surface design with a very contemporary sensibility, Snow and Graham combines modern designs with supple papers and fine art letterpress printing.

5. Rifle Paper Co.: With a distinct line of illustrations, Rifle Paper is perhaps one of the most recognizable stationary lines around today. While many of their designs feel a bit whimsical for me, I love a few of her collaborations, particularly with Garance Dore.

6. Sapling Press: Opposites attract when clean design meets cheeky messages. I absolutely love the cards with quick, sarcastic quips on the front, like "marriage advice - pick up that thing on the floor you keep waiting for someone else to pick up."

a few words of wisdom:

1. Know your audience! My husband and I love to give each other flirty or funny cards that make us laugh. However, your boss may not find the same type of humor (not to mention flirtation!) funny. 

2. When you don't know the recipient intimately, pick a card with a simple message and a blank inside. And don't fret, you don't need to fill the whole inside. Short and sweet is just fine!

3. You don't have to stick to the "greeting card holidays" - branch out and surprise a friend with an unexpected gesture. 

4. Keeping a variety of cards on hand is one of my biggest recommendations. Many companies, like Rifle Paper Co., sell their single greeting cards in packs of eight!


And now our proposal photos I just can't help but share (even though it's been years!).

Have a great weekend everyone!

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July 26, 2017

Those are my favorite pictures!! Wonderful ideas and I also love a glass pen and bottle of ink to write with…. Makes me feel as though I have added some personal energy to the sharing…..

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