Inspiration: Pinterest or Bulletin Board?

March 03, 2017

I'm truly a pinterest junkie. You know the type: the "unlocks-phone-and-immediately-open pinterest-app" type. I also usually wake up to 20+ emails letting me know that my mom and sister have pinned to our shared boards. It's a great place to dream, research, and share. 

But I still love my bulletin board. Does anyone else still have an actual bulletin board in their office or home? As much as I love pinterest, but there's something so great about having your inspiration within an arm's reach. I fill my bulletin board with textiles, materials, patterns, snapshots and tear-outs. It's constantly evolving and changing, particularly as seasons change and as clients come and go.

One of the main reasons I use my bulletin board is to keep my mind clean. What do I mean? To resist the urge to compare myself to others, or to slowly let other's ideas trickle in. There's nothing wrong with admiring someone's work, or looking for inspiration, but it's a slippery slope. 

For example: if you haven't noticed, I don't use a lot of color. This is true for my wardrobe, my home, my design, and my boxes. I prefer texture over color almost every time. And until a couple of years ago, I fought it. I'd be looking at pinterest and see someone's amazing use of color and think "see, I need to do that." Well, the fact is: no, I don't. There's an audience for that, and an audience for this.

So the photos above came from my pinterest inspiration board, and the photos below are my actual bulletin board. Thank goodness they're beginning to align! 

Which do you prefer? Pinterest? Bulletin board? Why?


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