Who is Ophelia Ruth?

May 08, 2017

It's not uncommon these days for me to be called Ophelia. Or Ruth. Or Ophelia Ruth. I really don't mind. But I'm sure you're wondering "Who the heck is Ophelia Ruth?" So let me explain :)

Ruth holding my grandfather

Ophelia and Ruth are names belonging to my grandmother and great-grandmother. I grew up hearing their stories and was endlessly inspired by their way of life. Neither one had much by today’s standard; in fact, Ruth lived in a home with dirt floors.

But they valued beauty, giving, and thoughtfulness, regardless of their circumstance. Despite having dirt floors, Ruth took time to hand-embroider roses on her tea towels. Why did she do it? She communicated love through beauty and thoughtfulness. It was one of the ways she gave to the people she loved.

They also never had too little to share. These stories have stuck with me the most. Even in their times of need, they opened their home to anyone in need of a meal or a place to sleep. I've heard stories of my grandmother waking up and seeing someone at the breakfast table, being fed by my great-grandmother. That's just who they were.

Giving was a part of their heart. It wasn't reserved for when they had extra. It wasn't reserved for Christmas, or birthdays. They gave continuously, and they gave because they loved.

Ruth and my great-grandfather

The name Ophelia Ruth is a tribute to the women who helped cultivate a giving heart in me. Their names remind me that giving isn't about the gift - it's about love and generosity. 

So now, through Ophelia Ruth, I thoughtfully design gifts that make it easy for you to have a giving heart. Sometimes our gratitude is overshadowed by the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. It's my goal to make it easy for you to give - whether that be at a large scale in your business, or on a smaller scale through our online shop. I aim to create gifts that your recipients will use, love, and treasure for years to come.

My Aunt, sister, Mimi (Glyna Ophelia), me, and my mom...many, many Christmases ago ;)

We approach our clients' corporate gifting strategies with these principles, and work with individuals on their custom gifts in the same way. You can also find thoughtful  pre-designed gifts in our online shop

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