When texts and emails just don't cut it

March 13, 2017

images: laura hooper calligraphy, unsplash

How many of you get 50 texts or emails a day? 100? I know...it's probably closer to 250 (at least). More and more it feels like texts and emails are the main form of communication for business, friendships, and even relationships. 

Because we're flooded with digital media all day, it's no surprise that we often turn to texts or emails to send someone a quick "thank you" message. But for a sentiment like "I really appreciate you" or "I want you to know I'm thinking of you," texts and emails just don't cut it.

Obviously the methods of communication are different, but what's the real difference? Here are my five reasons why a handwritten note still reigns supreme.

It's worth saving.
And not in your inbox. Texts and emails are too easily discarded. I keep a stack of cards and letters from my childhood in my desk (notes from my dad before I had a big test, my mom's wisdom poured onto pages before my high school graduation). Having these words of encouragement within an arm's reach is priceless.

It's thoughtful.
Penning a thoughtful note allows you to take a moment and reflect on your relationship with the recipient, which is a rarity in our busy schedules. A personal, meaningful sentiment goes a long way.

It outlives you.
I hope you've been blessed to have parents or grandparents who have held onto letters from their past. Whether it's love letters, letters from war, or just correspondence between friends and family, it's like taking a peek back in time. 

It's snail mail.
When was the last time you got a piece of mail you really treasured? It doesn't matter who you are, there's something so exciting about receiving a package in the mail (especially when it comes from Ophelia Ruth!).

It takes time.
And isn't this the real thing we're all lacking now? Here's where we come in. We artfully write your message on a card and include it with the perfect gift. Simply type your message in the "special instructions" section on the "cart" page - and we'll do the rest.

Just promise us this: that you'll take a moment to reflect.

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