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These gifts are essential to business, but they can be difficult for people to plan. While you want the gift to reflect your brand, you don’t want it to feel contrived or too sales-y. The gift should be useful, but not so utilitarian that it doesn’t feel special. This balancing act is where our expertise comes in.

We make corporate gifting easy and effortless, so you can focus on preserving and growing the relationships that matter most: relationships with your clients and employees. Let us do the hard work of creating, curating, sourcing, fulfilling, storing, packaging, and shipping/delivering. Whether you need hundreds of gifts at once, or ten gifts over the course of the year, we’ve got you covered.


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Many of our clients ask us the same questions: how can we incorporate our logo? how can a gift appeal to both genders? should the contents be practical, or luxurious, or both? The answer is: it all depends! We work through these questions with you to create a unique gift to meet your needs (and exceed your expectations!). One thing is certain, though: we design all things in good taste. Your logo, colors, and identity are tastefully incorporated to create gifts that reflect your brand and communicate your message.

And the process is purposefully easy for you. After we chat about your vision, budget, and timeline, we get busy creating a concept. Once we review and you say “go,” we hit the ground running. We’ll communicate with you the whole time we’re sourcing, creating, and packaging your gifts.


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We’ve all been there. You check into a conference and are handed a bag, only to find items that feel overly-branded, poorly-made, or “kitschy.” Sadly, most of these items end up in the trash.

At Ophelia Ruth, we expertly combine products from workshop sponsors and other sources to create a well-designed, thoughtful event/workshop gift. Allow us to elevate your typical “swag bags” into meaningful, beautiful, and useful gifts for your guests or attendees.


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It’s never too early to start. One of the busiest times of the year is also one of the most important gifting seasons. There’s no better time to show your clients and employees appreciation and gratitude.

Let's work together to create a beautiful gifting plan for you this holiday season. Whether you need one grand gesture, or small tokens for each of your clients, we’re committed to you.


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